Monday, January 23, 2017

Only He Can Satisfy

I wrote about a year ago as I was cleaning out some things. Even though it was a while ago, the truth still stands!


I've never been the kind of person to find value in how many likes I get on Instagram or Twitter... never—until now.

I see others "achieve more success" in the social media world than I do, and I feel incompetent—not good enough.

I think that if I'll tweet something clever or post an artsy photo, I'll receive more satisfaction and love and attention. 

As the humans that God made us to be, we naturally desire those things, but we can never find them in the number of double taps or retweets we receive. How then can we get the love, satisfaction, and attention that we need?

One word. Jesus.

Jesus is the One who satisfies us in the desert. Who walks alongside of us to guide us. He's the One who died for us. 

We know these truths, but many times our desire to be desired gets in the way.

But think about it: if the all-knowing God made us with the desire to be loved and cared for, He wouldn't leave us stranded. He would provide a way to fulfill our needs.

Only He can satisfy.

So next time you don't feel good enough because of the number of retweets or likes compared to others, remember to run to Christ because He satisfies.

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