Tuesday, June 9, 2015

He Satisfies

I've been wired in such a way where I desire deep talks—meaningful, purpose-filled situations.

Today, I was expecting those kind of talks when I hung out with my friends. I had planned in my mind that our conversations would be deep spiritual talks. 

It was far from what I desired.

We had small talk and threw rocks around at the lake.

When I got home, I was drained. They were supposed to fill me up! They were supposed to give me joy! They were supposed to satisfy me. Right?

I ran up to my room, and I knelt beside my bed and prayed. Why wasn't I content? 

Like he always does, God met me there at my point of need. 

His presence was what I needed! He knew that I needed him, and he soaked me in His presence. I could rest in Him because only He can satisfy. 

Praise God that He is the only One that satisfies! He is the only One! While people change and different situations arise, He is constant!

Fill up with His presence then you will overflow with His goodness!