Monday, March 13, 2017

Colombia - 3.13.2017

Day 3 of our Colombia Mission Trip! Our energy was revamped as we spent our entire day with the kiddos of Leticia and toured on the Amazon River.

We traveled to Monkey Island where little "micos" crawled all over us, visited a "petting zoo" (that included boas, more monkeys, turtles, sloths, and more!), and built relationships with the kids on our long boat rides in between.

The tour lasted about 7 hours of our not-so-rainy day, then we went to a pizza party with the kids in the evening. We played their favorite games (most of them new to us), sang worship songs in Spanish and in English, and showed the kids pictures on our phones because they were fascinated with them!

We ended our evening with a team meeting around the hotel pool, discussing plans for tomorrow's VBS. Once we were done, we all gradually went to our rooms and hit the hay for another exciting day in the Amazon... We can't wait to see how the Lord continues to work!

Please pray as we present the gospel through our VBS tomorrow. Also, please continue to pray for prevention against mosquitos. Several people have been bitten, but we're thankful for our malaria meds!

*For those still waiting on pictures: some have been posted on the Bellevue HSM social media. We are having trouble with the connection here in our hotel so it's harder to post pictures to the blog. We hope to resolve this problem soon, but until then we hope you'll join us in living out our word of the week: flexadaptability.

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