Monday, September 5, 2016


In Luke 10:38-42, it talks about Mary and Martha where Martha is comparing her life and job to Mary's. Jesus sweetly calls to her and tells her that she is "anxious and troubled about many things, but ONE THING is necessary" (vs 41-42). 

In Mark 10:17-22, the rich young ruler goes to Jesus in search of eternal life. He tells of all he has done (kept the commandments since his youth) yet Jesus says, "You lack ONE THING" (vs 21).

So many times, we Christians get so caught up with " the next event" or other ministries we can get involved in. While that can be good, too many times I believe we focus on the mission--what we do--instead of the message--who He is.

Martha and the rich young ruler were good people, serving and obeying commandments, but Jesus called them out for missing ONE THING.

I've been challenged to ask myself: what is my ONE THING?

 For Martha, it was stepping aside from busy tasks and soaking in Jesus' teachings by sitting at His feet. For the rich young ruler, it was selling all of his possessions and giving the money to the poor.

What ONE THING is keeping me from a complete and focused relationship with Christ?

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